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(Icons) - Natalya Komashko, Elena Sayenkova: Russian Hagiographical Icons. / Russkaya zhitiynaya ikona (podarochnoe izdanie).


Moscow, Project of Vladimir Lisin, Knigi WAM, 2007. 26 x 25 cms. 352 pp. Profusely illustrated in colour. Text in English.


Publisher’s red cloth hardcover, in a printed slipcase. Book and binding practically as new, slipcase with slight fading of outer edge. Very fine.


(Publisher:) ”This is a book about one of the least known genres in the Orthodox artistic tradition, hagiographical icons. It contains Russian icons from museums and private collections, most of which are published here for the first time. Each one is accompanied by a brief note on the saint’s life, iconography and hagiographical literature. All the icon scenes are furnished with inscriptions and some are magnified, making it possible to view the subject in considerable detail. The foreword provides an introduction to the development of hagiographical icons in Russian art. As one of the very few works in English on this fascinating subject, it will be of great interest and value to the specialist and general reader alike”.

Russian Hagiographical Icons

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