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Kirschenbaum, Bernard (b. 1924-2016): Hidden self portrait.


Malmö, Galerie Nordenhake / Lund, Galleriet, 1980. 25 x 25 cms. A series of 13 semi-opaque loose leaves (complete), in a printed cardboard wrapper (with the slightest wear to one corner), signed below colophon on lower cover (”Kirschenbaum 1980”).


”The stack diminishes into a series of geometric shapes that seem to turn clockwise as they strip down to a simple triangle” (Bridwell Art Library).


”Hidden self portrait is an artist’s book by Bernard Kirschenbaum, New York, published in connection with his shows at Galerie Nordenhake, Malmö and Galleriet, Lund, May 1980” (colophon on lower cover).


Not listed in LIBRIS, the joint catalogue of Swedish reseach libraries.

Kirschenbaum: Hidden self portrait

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