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Mader (Maderus), Joachim Johann (1626-1680) (ed.): Clementis ad Corinthios epistola prior. [And:] S. Polycarpi ad Philippenses Epistola.


Helmstadi (Helmstedt), Henning Muller, 1654 and 1653 respectively. 4to. [lxiv] + 76 + [lvi] pp. and [108] pp.


Two works attractively bound together in a Dutch 15th-century vellum manuscript leaf, placed with the word ”Deus” on front cover with its large red initial D. First title with ownership inscription dated 1655 by Friedrich Ulrich Calixt (1622-1701), German Lutheran theologian and professor of theology at the University of Helmstedt from 1650. Stamp of ”Gustav Bosse” and a partly crossed-out ownership inscription dated Hannover 1723. Recent bookplate of Bengt Schönbäck (Uppsala). Rear flyleaf with a 2-page handwritten text in French about Clement’s letter, in black ink.


J.J. Mader's edition of the ”First Epistle of Clement”, based on P. Young's (Junius) editio princeps (Oxford 1633). The text is a letter by Clement I, Bishop of Rome, to the Christians in the city of Corinth. It is believed to have been written either some time before 70 AD or at the end of the reign of Domitian (c. AD 96). The Epistle is one of the earliest, if not the earliest, of extant Christian documents outside the New Testament. The letter is a response to events in Corinth, where the congregation had deposed certain elders (presbyters). The author called on the congregation to repent, to restore the elders to their position, and to obey their superiors. He said that the Apostles had appointed the church leadership and directed them on how to perpetuate the ministry. Though known from antiquity, the first document to contain the Epistle of Clement and to be studied by Western scholars was found in 1628. It has provided valuable evidence about the structure of the early church.


The Epistle of Polycarp to the Philippians (commonly abbreviated Pol. Phil.) is the only surviving work attributed to Polycarp, bishop of Smyrna in the 2nd century AD, and is addressed to the early Christian church in Philippi.

Clementis ad Corinthios [and:] S. Polycarpi ad Philippenses, 1654, 1653

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