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Horatius / Horace | Sickler, Friedrich Karl Ludwig Erklärung der dreissig Bilder zu Horazens Werken.

Carlsruhe, im Kunst-Verlag, 1829. 8vo. 56 pp. of text + 30 engraved plates + engraved title + engraved map of Italy, all by Carl (Karl) Ludwig Frommel, and with tissue guards preserved.

Strictly contemporary half red morocco, smooth spine richly gilt, covers with outer gilt border, insignificant superficial wear. Very fine, printed on wove paper (velin).

”Explanation of the 30 plates to the works of Horace.” The plates: Tibur (Villa di Mecenate, Tivoli), Domus Horatii (St. Antonio a Tivoli), Vicovaro, Licenza, Fonte Blandusio, Mons Soracte, Campo Vaccino, Monte Vaticano, Monte Quirinale, Via Appia, Ariccia, Rocca Giovine, Le Paludi Pomptine, Fondi, Ferentinum, Beneventum, Bajae, Lacus Lucrinus, Sorrento, Velia, Brundusium, Hydrundum, Athenae, Mycenae, Sparta, Pindus, Delphi, Corinthus.

The German archaeologist Friedrich Karl Ludwig Sickler stayed in Rome from September 1805 to July 1811 as house teacher in the home of Caroline and Wilhelm von Humboldt, and became acquainted with Thorvaldsen. (Friedrich Noack: Das Deutschtum in Rom, bd. 2, Berlin & Leipzig 1927, p. 556.)

Frommel (1789-1863) was a German landscape painter and engraver who earned a considerable reputation in Italy (1812-17). He was appointed professor at Karlsruhe where he founded the Society of Art and Industry.

Bilder zu Horazens Werken, 1829

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